A phone call on a hot Dublin evening. An anxious mother enquiring about her daughter. If she’d said she wasn’t coming home, if she’d just let me know. . .


"Takes the psychological suspense thriller to places it rarely dares to go. . . a first novel of astonishing emotional impact" – New York Times


"Narrated with stunning confidence and sophistication. . . each scene is beautifully paced and plotted and even minor characters are deftly drawn and psychologically believable" – Publishers Weekly


He had watched them both for weeks. Prosperous, self-satisfied David Neale and his wife Anna, so sweet, so gentle. He had tracked them through the streets and suburbs of Dublin. And thought of the times that had been and the times to come. . .


"The Courtship Gift superbly reinforces what has become obvious about Parsons’ talent: that she is one of those rare authors who can successfully combine psychological insight, literary style and heart-stopping suspense. Haunting, evocative, compelling!"
– Jeffrey Deaver, author of The Devil’s Teardrop


"You won’t be able to put it down and you won’t be able to sleep" – Irish Tatler


For twelve long years Rachel Beckett has been in prison for the murder of her husband, Martin. A murder she swears she did not commit. But now Rachel is free. And she is ready to take revenge on Daniel – her brother-in-law, her one-time lover, and the man she insists fired the fatal shot. .

"Here’s a tale to hold you spellbound right up to the last page. . . Climb aboard an absolute roller coaster of a ride, a psychological thriller that oozes style. . . stunning stuff" – Australian Women’s Weekly


"Brilliant. A star in the making"
– Minette Walters, author The Sculptress


Ten years ago Owen Cassidy – eight years old, thick fair hair, bright blue eyes – disappeared. Everyone thought he was out playing with his best friend. But he wasn’t. And he never made it home. . . That afternoon, Halloween 1991. When the whole perfect, cosy, neatly constructed edifice came tumbling down. And nothing was ever the same again. . .

"As the plot builds towards its denouement Parsons handles each character, each scene and indeed each tiny piece of her complex narrative structure with characteristic tact and skill, constantly raising troubling questions in the reader’s mind about the roles and motivations of the characters and then successfully postponing the answers" – Irish Times


"Her tight plotting makes The Guilty Heart a compulsively readable thriller. Bravo again, Julie.

– Sunday Independent


Beyond tall iron gates fastened with a length of chain, lies, stark beautiful Trawbawn House. Here, haunted by a dark, mysterious past and largely ignored by the people of nearby Skibbereen, lives the reclusive Lydia Beauchamp. But Lydia’s private existence is interrupted when a stranger arrives – a young man called Adam. . .


"The Hourglass is another great accomplishment, even more deftly written than her previous books; it has a gripping underlying menace that makes it a spellbinding read" – Irish Independent


"This is a dark, deeply disturbing read"

– Irish Examiner


I Saw You

For ten years, newly retired policeman Michael McLoughlin has been haunted by the case of a young woman who was brutally murdered, and by the love he felt for Margaret, the victim’s mother. Margaret too has been tormented by her daughter’s death and the subsequent death of Mary’s killer. She can find no peace. Finally she returns to Dublin to face her demons. A chance encounter with a young girl in a graveyard leads her back to a man she thought she’d never see again and to a mother with a grief to match her own.


"Tension filled pages and a spine-tingling story will keep you reading until the very end" – RTE Guide


"Here is a relentless dark psychological thriller" – Nominated by readers of French Elle for book of the year